Release of Judgment Lien Process

There are two (2) kinds of judgments that are released with the Clerk of Courts office:

1. Civil Lien

The release fee is $5.00.* The Clerk’s office will need either the original release and satisfaction from our court or a certified copy of the release and satisfaction from the court in which the civil lien originated.

2. State Lien

The fees for release of an Ohio state lien are:

  • State Tax Lien – Filed on or Before November 30, 2010 – $5.00
  • State Tax Lien – Filed Between December 1, 2010 and March 31, 2013 – $35.00
  • State Tax Lien – Filed April 1, 2013 to Present – $45.00
* Additional court costs may be due if an execution was filed against the lien.

Additional Information for State of Ohio Liens

Please be aware that the Clerk of Courts is only the record keeper for liens filed by the State of Ohio. We do not take payments for the amount of monies owed. Contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, Collections Enforcement Section to make arrangements for payments. Please see the contact numbers below.

Once the state liens are paid, you will receive a Lien Satisfaction Notice from the Ohio Attorney General’s office. To release the lien, you are to bring the notice to the Clerk’s office. The Clerk’s office will obtain the release from the Attorney General’s lien website and file it with Montgomery County. At the time of filing the release, you will be required to pay the release fee and any court costs that may be involved.

Or, you can mail the Lien Satisfaction Notice to this office, along with a check or money order for the amount of the release fee and any court costs owed, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope. We will mail back a file-stamped copy of the lien release. It is recommended that you contact the Clerk of Courts Civil Division at 937-225-4512 to determine the amount of the release fee and court costs. If the office receives a Lien Satisfaction Notice without the correct amount owed, your notice and check or money order will be returned to you.

State of Ohio Contact Numbers
Ohio Attorney General, Collections Enforcement Section
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