Court Records Request

Types of Copies

The three types of copies available: regular, certified, and authenticated.

Regular copies are available at a cost of $.10 per page in the Clerk of Courts office. Copies of many of the documents can also be obtained by visiting the Clerk of Courts website by clicking on the “Public Records Search” link to the right and searching for the case in question.

Certified copies are copies that are signed by a Deputy Clerk and verified to be true and accurate copies of the original. Certified copies include a certificate stamp and an embossed court seal for a cost of $1.00 per page.

Authenticated copies are copies of the court record that are required to be exemplified or verified by a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas or a Judge of the Municipal Court of Montgomery County. An authenticated copy is also known as an authenticated judgment, an exemplified copy, an exemplified judgment, or a triple sealed copy. The Judge verifies that the current Clerk of Courts is custodian of the original record, and is authorized to authenticate the case file record. An authenticated copy includes the original signatures of the Judge and the Clerk of Courts. It is embossed with the Court’s seal and the cost is $5.00.

Requesting Copies

The Clerk of Courts Office will provide copies of requested public court records within a reasonable time. Research and data programming are not provided.

Requests for copies for the Court of Common Pleas can be made in person or mailed to the Records Section of the Clerk of Courts office, located in the Montgomery County Courts Building, 41 N. Perry Street, Room 104, Dayton, Ohio 45422. Additionally, records can be obtained by emailing the Clerk of Courts Records Section at recordssection@mcohio.org.

Requests for copies for Municipal Court of Montgomery County can be made in person or by telephone, fax, or mail at the appropriate location. The Eastern Division is located at 6111 Taylorsville Road, Huber Heights, Ohio 45424. The telephone number is (937) 496-7231 and the fax number is (937) 496-7236. The Western Division is located at 875 E Main St, Trotwood, OH 45426. The telephone number is (937) 687-9099 and the fax number is (937) 687-7119.

The Montgomery County Clerk of Courts requires the requestor to pay in advance the cost involved in providing the copies and provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Please contact the appropriate Clerk’s Office for the total number of pages.


Payment may be made by cash, check, or money order. Municipal Court of Montgomery County also accepts credit cards.

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